Thursday, April 2, 2009

I said yes.

Sara proposed to me last night. This time was equally surprising and joy-filled, but less towel-racked destructive, though socially it might be like a tornado. Yes, I realize that we are engaged already, but her proposition involved when and how, not what. Sara has suggested that we scrap our wedding plans and rebuild them to better fit our goals and desires. First, we don't want to wait. Simple right? Well, cutting an entire year off of the planning, as she has requested, will ultimately force us to completely redo our wedding and reception plans. However, we realized while discussing this monumental event that our previously discussed plans (a church stuffed to capacity with people--both of love and obligation--, expensive flowers, and square clothes) did not match the wedding that we truly want. Rather, the short timeframe before our marriage will still allow us the opportunity to have the wedding we envision-small, simple, and focused on the future, not that day. Sara summed it up perfectly when she told me last night on the phone that "I want to focus on being married to you, not getting married to you."

Where from here? Well, we hope to have a small ceremony towards the end of May at her church in Bluffton, after completing marriage counseling. Oddly enough, I'm stoked for marriage counseling. After our wedding, she will move in with Zach, Sadie, and I at the Battlehut. Also, we want to have two "open house" type of receptions, one in Bluffton and one in Elwood, on the same weekend in June. In early July then, we will set sail, or drive away, or fly high to our honeymoon. Upon our return, we will move into the University Apartments to.

I won't lie. This is wild, scary, and a little disappointing, but honestly, the direction we were taking was not the one that I desired. I wanted something simple and non-stressful. I know, too, that hearts will be stepped on and mouths will whine, but we just want to live it up. By our best calculations, this is our way.

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