Monday, December 22, 2008

Find me.

Those were the stuffy hallways where
I lost myself.
Where I first found women and first
abandoned God.
Where resentment and confusion scratched my hands.
This education, I learned, could only carry me so far.

Those were the towers of shelves where
blind contentment left me.
Where books were about God,
about love, about a better way.
Where books were about a bang,
about hate, about a different way.
The whisper of folded pages coerced me through.

Those were the comparable hearts where
I found myself again.
Where searching eyes met my own
under artificial light.
Where I discovered a chance, a choice
in real life.
The perfect company for a scattered
brained youth.

Those were the spinning wheels that
hauled my muddled mind.
Where I was alone with
the wind.
Where broken hearts and fallen heroes
were miles behind.
A steady ship to my home shore.

His was the side that saved me
in my miserable youth.
Where I saw a home different
from my own.
Where I finally found a heart that
I could hold.
Best friend with a solid ending,
a shaky beginning.

Hers is the body that keeps me warm
in the winter cold.
Where skin touches skin,
a tender promise.
Where no means no and
home means here.
A kiss that lights a thousand rooms
and burns no bridges.

Here is the place where
my tracks will lay.
Where my green will grow,
Where she will be my bride,
A beautiful yard to catch my steps,
a nest called home.

This is a life where no one
knows what matters.
Where every minute, every effort
is a mystery.
Where no one can provide
definite answers.
Such a difficult race to run
on such a narrow path.

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