Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here is a facebook status for you...

Tyler Gobble doesn't like crying on Saturday mornings in his girlfriend's arms.
Tyler Gobble would rather have been on a winter walk, taking pictures, and warming up with said girlfriend.
Tyler Gobble wants to spend an entire day reading and writing.
Tyler Gobble needs someone to take him to new heights, to see new sights, and to lead a good life.
Tyler Gobble is tired from feeling angry at the world that he is so jealous of.

Tyler Gobble is not so sure why he feels so compelled to be the way he is.
Tyler Gobble does not want to be that way anymore.

Tyler Gobble is sure that he made a terrible mistake by signing that lease again.
Tyler Gobble loves living with you, but is miserable living with you two, or three, wait now four.
Tyler Gobble knows you will be upset with him.
Tyler Gobble also knows it will be okay if our friendship is worth a damn.
Tyler Gobble feels like a whimp around you.

Tyler Gobble should not feel selfish for wanting to be happy.

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