Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm not alone.

I'm sitting in the Writing Center After Hours in the library, and being the 2nd week of class, no one has shown up for help. Who can blame them?

Talking about movies with a work friend has me thinking about my priorities again, seemingly one of my favorite past times. You know, it is a funny thing growing up.

I started a separate savings plan yesterday entitled "Wedding." Now, that is commitment. Okay, not really, but it is a start. I'm in love, and I know that, though my definition of love might differ from most. I'm ready to get married, and for the first time semi-publicly, I'm admitting that.

Speaking of marriage, one of my ex-girlfriends got married over a year ago. A best friend from high school also tied the knot with one of my childhood friends this past fall. I still have not fully processed either of these situations.

Next year, I have decided not to live with Zach. Not rooming with a person is generally a minor social/emotional speedbump, but when that roommate is also your life-long adolescent best friend, things can go a little awry. I am citing personal happiness reasons for the change.

I still don't know where I'm living next year.

Year one without a car went well. I rode my bike more than ever, releasing unknown feelings. It is also relieving to know that I have saved countless dollars. Also, I'm glad that Sara, Zach, and Sadie don't mind my mooching off of their rides.

Over the past several months, I have built a relationship with my 42 year old cousin, and I am thankful to say that he is one of my closest friends.

I have a new friend named Dasie.

Though I did not mean this post to be a year in review of 2008, it seems to be shaping up that way.

Basically, things keep changing, and I cannot decide how I feel about that.

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