Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Facebook Effort.

1. On 1/25/08, I bought an engagement ring for the darling Sara Habegger.
2. I’m still nervous about the impact that not living together next year will have on the friendship that Zach and I have.
3. If The Beauty Prevails had released the songs from their split with Megan’s Room as a full-length and the other 5-7 songs were equally exciting and charismatic, then that album would be in a likely ongoing battle with Away With Vega’s “Recovery” for my favorite CD of all-time.
4. For the first time in my life, I feel that I am getting to know my parents as people, and vice versa, not simply as my guardians and providers, and it feels wonderful.
5. I wish that I had more time and patience to read recreationally. “Player Piano” keeps begging for me to come back, but I have so much “mandatory” reading for classes.
6. I volunteered at the Muncie Boys and Girls Club on Saturday as part of a 20 hour requirement for my Multi-Cultural Education class, and I am not at all concerned about quitting after my 20 hours.
7. I will admit to still liking the Distillers.
8. I cannot decide which team to pledge my allegiance to for this year’s Super Bowl as the Steelers were my pee-wee football team and my room was once decorated in black and gold, but I love Kurt Warner-to-Larry Fitzgerald. I’ll probably just stick to my usual and root for a good game. Lame.
9. My favorite frozen treat is Edy’s Berry Granola Crunch Frozen Yogurt with peanut butter.
10. Having a dog under my roof is less nerve-twisting and gross that I will verbally admit.
11. I have no clue how to plan a wedding, but somehow I’m not too worried.
12. Two life-long dreams: 1) either work overseas for the Peace Corps or teaching English and 2) open up a used bookstore/coffee shop.
13. My parents are planning to move to North Carolina within the next several years once my Mom retires, and I am actually looking forward to that as I know it will thrill my Dad.
14. I’m not interested in being “vice president” of the Tennis Club next year.
15. I have been spending too much money lately and need to get back on the savings plan.
16. I met Will Jesse for lunch last week and was reminded of how much I love meeting up with old friends.
17. I have written two letters of apology/clarification to two lost pals recently, but will probably never send them.
18. I really want to see “Burn After Reading,” “Milk,” and “The Wrestler.”
19. Clark Moser makes me really proud for all that he does.
20. I still do not know where I am living next year.
21. If you like reading/writing/people, then I have no clue why you wouldn’t come to Writers Community on Mondays from 7-830 pm in RB291.
22. Working out more efficiently, writing more completely, and hanging out more constructively are some of my personal goals for the rest of this semester.
23. Though I often say otherwise, I do care about my GPA.
24. I have not been to a show in so long. I hear there are coming up in surrounding areas, and I am crossing my fingers to go.
25. To answer your question, the wedding is likely going to be in the summer of 2010.

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