Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indiana Man.

Walking home from the gym this morning, I could tell it was going to be a wonderful day, so I filled my Ipod Shuffle with all of my Indiana-based music to remind me how beautiful this state can be. I see Hoosiers everyday who remind me why I am still here. On the campus of modest Ball State University, I have experienced things I could have never imagined. More than I probably realize, Indiana has had a monumental impact on the man I am today.

The Indiana local music scene has done more for me over the past 6 years than most of my loved ones realize. I am not so sure if I could make a more "me" playlist than the one on my Ipod now. The people I have met, the enjoyment I have found, and the places I have been because of local shows are memories difficult to imagine being without. Few things make me happier than singing along with In The Face Of War.

Honestly, I do not know if I will ever leave. Reminds me of the Vega lyrics, "Why would I want to leave? Everyone I love is here." Though not completely true, as a large part of my heart is displaced in North Carolina, central Indiana is home to the vast majority of my loved ones. I will probably be the last to leave.

Ball State University has opened doors that would have likely stayed locked otherwise. Over the past two years, I have seen shows/programs/games, joined life-changing clubs (Writers Community, I'm looking at you), and met incredible people that I would have otherwise missed out on. I have found the paths that I want to take in life professionally, physically, and hobbily (I know that is not a word). Oh, and most important of all, I would likely not be getting married in the next couple years. While other schools may be cheaper or better, Ball State was the right choice for me.

I am not the man I want to be, but I hope that I am getting there. I have goals and values, and my arms are stretching as far as they can. I have much more to take as well as much more to give. Indiana seems to be beautiful enough to see me through.

"I try to be the best man/ that I can. I don't have much practice. I was hoping you might help me out with that. I can't do this on my own. All I know is what I've been shown, and I can't live up to my dad." - Best Man By Canterbury Effect

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