Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who am I to you?

As a blogger, I want to be:

Insightful into the world I am living.
Useful as a personal resource for myself and others.
Honest about my hopes and fears, trials and successes.
A loyal follower and participant.
Reflective of my non-blogger self.

But, how? How do I possibly be the blogger I want to be when there is so much going on on the internet and in the world?

The "net" provides countless alternative places for me to write and other readings to occupy my mind. And this world is overflowing with things for doing, places for visiting, people for loving, texts for reading, sports for playing, movies for watching, music for dancing, friends for hugging. Where does blogging fit into the spectrum of my life? I have no clue. Why, then, is blogging so important? I need it, I need you.

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