Friday, April 17, 2009

"Yeah, you told me that"

When I get excited about an event or moment in my life, I tend to repeat myself. Usually, it is due to nerves and/or my crazed attempt to tell everyone everything. My mission is to inform, not to annoy. Generally, I use the retelling of this information as a transition into a larger discussion of the topic at hand. Is it too much to ask to refrain from rudely saying "you told me that already," and rather engage in pleasant conversation about a monumental moment in my life? I'm sorry that I get so excited, and I'm sorry that I waste your time with repetition, but when you respond in that manner, it makes me want to never tell you anything again.

I have realized my self-confidence is unstable. I am up then I am down at the buzz of a text message or murmur of disapproval. I know I get stoked about seemingly unimportant things, but hey, I like it that way. It keeps me stable, or as close to it as possible.

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