Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big phony.

My friend, Haven, asked me today how I felt about getting married soon. Sadly or expectantly or regrettably or not, I replied that I am not sure. 17 days and I am not really sure? Sounds phony to me.

Of course, I am not a phony. I love Sara, and I am stoked, and I am excited, and I can't wait, and I am counting down the days. But, I cannot begin to conclude now how I really feel. 

I promise, today the first day of my summer, that over the next 17 days I will explore, discover, and report my innermost feelings about my eventual marriage to Sara Kay Habegger.

I do know one other thing for sure: I have many, many questions. Some involve things that I should already know, and others are works in progress. 

I guarantee I am trying my mightiest. 

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