Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two problems.

Due to the oddity that is my last name, mispronunciations occur quite regularly. Coupled with my horrible handwriting and others' phonetical ineptitude, oral readings of "Gobble" are often horrendously hysterical. 

Sara, being the love trooper that she is, has agreed, even asked, to become a Gobble. Good luck with that one. There is a sign of true love. And, now, I have someone to laugh with (or be laugh at with).

True Mispronunciations or Foul-Ups:

Last night, deviants of some sort broke into Sara's car, via the small back window, and Sadie's car, apparently through the trunk. The bandits made off with Sara's CD play, ripped from the dash, and Sadie's Ipod. Not much is known besides the points of entrance, and even those details are fuzzy. We do know that Sadie's flashlight, taken from her car, was used to smash through Sara's window. Also, the police are uninterested with no "leads, suspects, or threat of safety."

Sara, obviously, feels different, quite shaken up from the ordeal. This disaster has happened at a pretty shaky time for her: a week before her wedding, during her first week at her new job, and the morning of one of our marriage counseling. We are doing our best to clean up the mess--I even cardboarded/plastic-wrapped the broken window!-but it is obviously a difficult thing to deal with at this point of our lives. While the situation is being resolved as best as it can be, I know she is feeling a whirlwind of emotions--fear, anger, sadness, among others--and I cannot help but to share in her misery. 

But as the fire is calming down, I am realizing that we are most certainly ready to take the next step in our relationship. Now, we are done with the old apartment/neighborhood; I can sense that Sara is counting down the days until we move to the University Apartments. Our current location, don't get me wrong, is great, but this mishap has made us realized that a change of scenery will definitely do our fresh marriage good. Also, we both handled this trying situation well, though she was obviously shaken and I was a little confused. My being helpfully responsive at 6:45 a.m. is a good sign I am gaining the patience to be a loving husband; similarly, Sara did a remarkable job gathering all of her sorts that she could to convey to me her hysteria. It must also be stated that our current roommates are wonderful, as they have done their parts to help in Sara's mess. Hopefully, we have returned the favor. Reflections, especially in terrible situations such as this are difficult, but I hope every person involved, even the thieving scumbags, take the time to truly comprehend the nature of this event.

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