Monday, June 22, 2009

NBA Draft 2009

The NBA Draft is Thursday, and like every year, I am the only person who is stoked. This year, I am making Sara watch it with me, and we are making "brinner."Gonna be a sweet night.

My Mock Lottery:
1. Clippers- Blake Griffin- Any one who would pass on Griffin's mix of athleticism, strength, and intensity has never seen a pro hoops game.
2. Grizzlies- Jordan Hill- I think they need an athletic big man to play alongside the athletic Rudy Gay and glacier Marc Gasol.
3. Thunder- Hasheem Thabeet- With the scoring/athleticism of Green, Durant, and Westbrook, Thabeet is the filler for the void in the middle to be relied on for rebounding and shotblocking not scoring.
4. Kings- Ricky Rubio- The Kings need a young point guard to excite their roster and their fans. Rubio is that guy.
5. Wizards- James Harden- A tough guy shooting guard, ready for the NBA, Harden will be able to play right away on this oft-injured and underachieving team.
6. Timberwolves- Brandon Jennings- Whether or not they trade Jefferson, they will likely still have a need for a point guard. Jennings has the pro experience in Europe and the quickness to catch all of Kevin Love's full court outlet passes.
7. Warriors- Tyreke Evans- A bigger combo guard like Evans will fit well into Nelson's system and alongside Ellis.
8. Knicks- Steph Curry- He fits perfectly into the Knicks' system. With this team, he will be First Team All-Rookie.
9. Raptors- Gerald Henderson- He will likely never be a starter, but has the athleticism and defensive toughness to be a good 6th man.
10. Bucks- Demar DeRozan- The Bucks' crowded frontcourt makes DeRozan the likely pick. Michael Redd can maybe school him on his jumper.
11. Nets- Terence Williams- With Carter's aging legs and Harris' scoring ability, Williams seems a solid choice. I like his versatility.
12. Bobcats- Earl Clark- Clark will be a good back up for Gerald Wallace. Playing in Pitino's system will help his development in the NBA.
13. Pacers- Tyler Hansbrough- In Indiana, he could be a quality reserve power forward. With his toughness and INTENSITY, I think he can be a solid contributor.

A few more notes:
- I am afraid because of size, B.J. Mullens will be taken too high and Ty Lawson will be too low along with Steph Curry and Tyler Hansbrough. I think the latter 3 are quality NBA players with skills (speed, shooting, and tenacity, respectively) that are special.
- I hope Hansbrough falls to Portland at 24. Also, the Blazers could do some serious stealing or dealing with their 5 picks.
- Hasheem Thabeet is overrated.
- Sam Young will be the steal of the second round.

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