Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Cool things happen in the summer. Yesterday, Zach and I played tennis. I think Sara and I are going on a bike ride on Thursday. Soon, I hope to go swimming. 

Summer food is awesome. The ice cream scoop is in full force. I need to make a killer fruit smoothie. Meat, and fruit too!, cooked on the grill taste way better than their non-grilled counterparts. 

My schedule shifts during the summer. Different job. Summer classes. I am becoming a Big Brother. Did I mention that I got married?!

I'm still adjusting to the summer lovin'.

I wish I could say nothing bad happens under the summer sun, but that is not true. Friends move away. Too much ice cream makes me sick. Motivation is harder than it looks. And sometimes, my wife cries. Then, it rains.

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