Wednesday, August 12, 2009

East of Sweden

For about a month or so now, I have been tackling "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck, and its 778 pages of mountainous literature. I am ready to finish it. Steinbeck wrote it in a way that I can both love it (good story line, interesting detail) and hate it (all that added up to 778 pages!). I am a wuss when it comes to long books.

Sara reads books thicker than 3 disc Hank Williams box set. Gone With The Wind, Harry Potter, Scarlett. More and more, I prefer poetry collections, short stories, and shorter novels. Sara explained to me that she falls deep into stories, like a kid eating a large chocolate cake not hearing his mom say, "Wipe your face." I prefer cupcakes, small servings, trying flavors and toppings.

I will finish it before school starts. In retrospect, I assume I will look back and be glad I climbed it, but now, I am looking ahead to my stack of poetry/short story collections piling in my office. Not to mention Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.

In other news, my friend Kyle is living in Sweden doing a program called WWOOF. He is a farmer, a Swedish farmer, until August 20th or something. I miss Kyle (we didn't hang as much as I wanted this summer), but he is living it up over there, seeing the sights and being cultural. He has been writing notes on Facebook about his adventures. He seems rejuvenated. I'm stoked to see fresh Kyle.

Read a book or ride your bike.

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