Thursday, September 24, 2009

The night before your 21st birthday is way cooler than your actual birthday.

Tomorrow, I turn 21 years old. Between 11:59 and 12:00, I'll grow a year older. Strange.

This month, I have been dreading turning 21. People ask me questions like "Are you going bar hopping on your birthday?" Actually, people don't ask me questions nowadays. They say things like "OHHHHHHAHAHA! 21." and "I bet you are going to get smashed." and "I know you'll be sleeping in on Saturday."

Wowowowow. I will be 21. But no, I won't be getting smashed, crunk, hammered, and plastered. No as well to sleeping in. I can't do that.

Most of my "friends," whomever those people are, know that I am drug-free. That means now at 9:28 the day before my 21st birthday, as well as tonight at 12:01. This drug-free timeframe also includes November 30, 2044 and my best friend's (future) son/daughters wedding.

Over the past few weeks, basic friends and class social buds have made crazy assumptions about my 21st birthday. That is okay. I blame myself (and television). I should say, "Actually, I am drug-free and will not be participating in any such activity on that day or any other, though I can understand your confusion." It really is my fault, though I mainly blame television.

Let me give you an example. People tell me this is a good idea.

Recently, a new neighbor has been asking me to bring Sara and play drinking games with her and her friends. She is a delightful girl, polite and thoughtful (obviously). She is a graduate student here, away from her main social faction, so I understand her interest in "relaxing" with alcohol. Problem is, I bonk in opportunities to tell her "no" in an appropriate way.

The first time, she knocked on my door. I answered shirtless. I don't know why. She said, "My friends and I are going to play drinking games. Do you and Sara want to come?" Really, rather nice.

I say, "Uh, doh, you know, well, Sara is in bed, and I need to head that way too. But thank you for the invite." She replied, "Okay, maybe another time."

Ah, gee. What a turd, I was. (Although it was totally the truth. Kind of.)

Appropriate response: "Well ----, I certainly appreciate the offer, but Sara and I do not drink. We are drug-free. However, we would love to spend some social time with you, your boyfriend, and even your friends another time. Tonight is just not a good night either way." (Not to mention we are not even legal.)

She asked me again on a Friday night at like 9:30, and I said, "Well, I gotta do homework." WHAT?!!!!

What makes such a decision so difficult to express? People have been receptive for the most part in the past.

I think I feel "shy" about the situation because I'm 21 and am supposed to drink. Or so I am told. My mom once told me I wouldn't get the full college experience without alcohol. I guess it is like a newlywed couple not having sex on their first night of marriage or an chicken farmer who is a vegetarian.

I have lots of friends who drink alcohol. They are cool. Bars seem alright. Sometimes, I hear there are pool tables and dancing and socializing. That all sounds fun. Invite me to hang with you and your hands of beer, and I probably will, if you are cool. And there should probably be dancing.

I thought about drinking a beer tomorrow. It was about 5:02 or some time like that.

Actually, I didn't. I just wanted more to write.

And I will!

Sara made me my birthday dinner tonight. She made chicken nugget biscuit bake and a confetti cake. (If you came over more often, you would know what chicken nugget biscuit bake is.) We also had peaches, which she canned herself a while ago. It was good. I'm fat now.

So what in the world am I doing tomorrow? Staying the night with my parents. Having dinner with them and my grandpa and his girlfriend. Playing cards like old fogeys. More cake probably. I'll get fatter. Sounds sweet to me.

Anyways, something way cooler to read.


Brooke said...

College is more fun when you don't drink...
because you can actually remember it. =]

Tell Sara hi, and I miss her.
Hope all is well with you two!

Tyler G said...

Right, right. That is a big part of my decision.

I also have this extreme fear of dependency and loss of control.

Alright. Hit her up sometime. I'm sure she'd love it.
Take care.

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