Saturday, October 3, 2009

Things You Could Find in my Apartment Right Now.

A Redbox rental of The Soloist
3 pieces of concord grape pie, homemade (though not by me)
Rat and spider decals (on front door)
My young wife in her pajamas
An exercise ball
A stack of young adult literature
The Air Up There on VHS (but no VCR)
A recycling bin, half full
A daily planner, open to next week
Several gift cards (Subway, Lowes, Meijers), nearly empty but not quite
Jiffy all-natural peanut butter
5 recently ignored discs
A picture of my sister-in-law, my best friends' dog, and another best friend's senior picture tacked to a once thrown away wooden stationary stand
Wedding things, like an expensive picture album, our sand ceremony set, and a replica bouquet
Red Ribbon
A clutter bookshelf of CDs, books, and DVDs
A button collection displayed in a knife case
Whats left of my sports card collection from middle school
The grip from a shopping cart, reading THANK YOU
My Life Goals Version 2.0
Wart Remover
Two IPR bookmarks
A microwave pasta cooker
A record player with broken needle (help!)
A new, super nice bike pump
Some poems
Birthday thank you cards, yet to be delivered
Cell phones, duh
Ticking clocks
Money, probably in coins
Neatly rolled towels
My tennis bag
Among other things

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