Friday, October 9, 2009

You got the most class of anybody I ever seen.

I am reading The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. Again. Kind of.

I read it once in high school, my freshman year, for an independent reading assignment. What a great idea! A 15 year old reading Hemingway with no guidance. I feel like a liar saying I have read it before. Actually, I didn't even raise my hand when my professor asked who had read the book before. I was afraid she'd ask me about it. I don't remember much. I remember buckets and gallons and bottles of alcohol. I remember Brett and Jake and Pedro the sexy bullfighter. I don't remember Jake's missing manhood (somehow) or Bill and his lame/odd/frustrating/distracting jokes.

Now, led by a Hemingway enthusiast, I am on the right path, I think. I am enjoying the read, but more importantly, I am getting the story as well. It helps that I have critical articles, well-read classmates, and a well-well-well read professor to keep me informed. Also to my advantage is my 21 year old drug-free brain, aged and strong. Not watching the Disney Channel anymore helps, too. Maybe, I can talk to people about the book now.


WNBA Champs?! We'll see in about a half hour.

Speaking of professional basketball, NBA season starts soon. Stoked for that. Hoops season means a lot of looking up, looking down. Brandon Roy hits a three, highlight in a textbook. Lebron drives the lane, write a poem. Dwight Howard sends a ball to the stands, e-mail a professor. Multi-tasking.

That also means predictions are sure to come. Hopefully, they will be better than last year.

My NBA dreams are not dead. Okay, they are. But, I have been playing more basketball lately than I have in a long while. I'm like Jason Kidd if he were 5 inches shorter, 50 pounds lighter, and 75 years old.

Why did I just post about The Sun Also Rises and basketball? I have no idea.


Andrew C-K said...

Sorry the Fever lost. I laughed at "Not watching the Disney Channel anymore helps, too."

Are you taking Rai's Hemingway class, or just reading that book in a general lit class? She made me both love and hate E.H. in the class dedicated to him..

Tyler G said...

Yeah, it was disappointing. I'm not a huge WNBA fan, but I still appreciate the game.

Thanks. It is honest, unfortunately.

I'm taking Rai's general lit class. We went through it quick, like in a week and a half, but she has certainly thrown a twist on the Hemingway game for me.

I hope you are well.

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