Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baller Dudes

Zach and I used to play basketball at my house quite a bit, back in high school. We would lower the goal and be dunksters. It was super dorky, but I have never had more fun playing hoops. Sometimes, our pals Clark and Josh would come over and we would play 2-on-2. We called it "BroBall." Oh, man. One time, the four of us made a video for Zach and Clark's Spanish class, incorporating BroBall. It was a parody of Space Jam. Sounds awesome, huh? It was.

BroBall seems so long ago, sadly. Before college. Before I got married. Before Zach started dating Sadie. Before Josh joined Fiji. Before Clark moved to Terre Haute. Before my basketball goal blew over and broke.

Oh yeah, Zach's shirt says Spoon Dogg and has a picture of Snoop Dogg's head on the end of a spoon. He made it. That was funny.

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