Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm thankful for Sara(h)s. Well, most of them. My wife's name is Sara, and she is sweet. Sometimes, she cleans the house or fixes me dinner or watches basketball with me. Sometimes, she does all of that (and more!). I have a new(ish) friend named Sarah. We bonded in Philadelphia. She is married too, and we bond over things like that. She also said she liked my beard. I also have a friend Sarah, who I used to see more often, but we are both busy. She still says hi in the hallways and talks to me on Facebook. I think that is nice. Sarah is also the name of my cousin and a childhood friend and my Community Assistant and one of my best friend's love interest. Sara was the name of my best friend Senior Prom date. They are all nice.

I'm thankful for my parents. Big surprise. Most people know how sweet my parents are. They give me opportunities, like college and young marriage, that are both fun and rewarding. My Dad lets me call him whenever I'm bored or lonely, and we talk about the Colts, deer hunting, and my great wife. My Mom likes to take me out to eat, and she keeps me updated on things happening in my hometown, like a potential disc golf course. Yeah, my parents rule.

I am thankful for Zach. Notice, it is not plural. Many of the Zach's I know are lame-os. I don't think this Zach is though. He is always up for hanging. If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't play tennis or workout. I probably would still be chubby dude (circa age 16). He is also really fun to play board games with.

I have some other friends, so I am thankful for that. I'm glad Sadie makes Zach happy, and we can double date. I'm glad Clark still visits me on breaks. I'm thankful for Darrin living in the same state again and having a new job in Bloomington. I'm thankful Jordan didn't continue to think I was creepy. I'm glad Joe is a poetry pal. I'm thankful Luke gave me a talk on the stairwell. I'm thankful Jacob likes to play hoops and disc golf. I'm thankful Rebecca asked me to be Writers Community President. I'm thankful for cool professors. I'm thankful for the T/Th hoopster bros. I'm thankful for the Tennis Clubbers. I'm thankful for the Writers Community pals. I'm thankful for everyone on the sweet NCTE trip. I'm thankful for Mamadou because he is nice and from Burkina Faso. I'm thankful for the Elwood friends I'll be seeing this weekend. I'm glad I saw Kyle on Wednesday. I'm thankful I have friends to name drop.

I'm thankful I'm not lazy anymore. It is nice to have active hobbies like tennis and basketball, like disc golf and bike riding.

I'm thankful for the little things. Like food. Like water. Like shelter. Like my sweet clothes.

I'm thankful for Ball State University. Yes, school. I'm thankful for free activities, like sporting events or Emens shows. I'm glad Muncie/BSU has public transportation. I also am thankful when they give me free food.

I'm thankful for the books I read. I'm starting The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel Second Floor when I finish this post. I also started Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff? earlier. I'm glad people wrote these enjoyable texts for me to read and copy. I'm thankful for music that keeps me company. I've rediscovered the underappreciated Very Emergency! album this week.

I am mainly thankful for the ability to have fun with the cool people and things listed in this post. Having fun is cool, so be cool. And thankful.


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