Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Break Stuff.

We had our Christmas with Zach and Sadie today: Concannons, presents, and Pictionary. They got us a Chili's gift card. They also got me a CCR record and the Bob Dylan Christmas album, amongst candy. They always go over board.

I have been writing, editing, reading, submitting, etc. quite a bit over break thus far.

I went to the BSU basketball game with Mamadou and Alain last night. It was their first basketball game at Ball State. They were all about taking pictures.

I'm going to Elwood tonight to shoot hoops with some high school pals. (More about this tomorrow?)

Christmas break is cool for a few reasons. First, I don't work because I have campus jobs. Second, no classes. Third, food is always nearby.

However, the majority of my friends are gone, so that is a bummer. Plus, no campus activities, besides basketball games, are going on during the holidays.

I'm trying to keep Muncie alive. I'm trying to keep myself alive.

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