Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friend of the Week

I have been wanting to do this blog "series" called "Friend of the Week" or "Dude of the Day" (though that is gender bias) or "Pal of the Month." This guy I know, Aaron, he does a little thing like that. I think it is neat, and I told him it was and that I wanted to steal his idea. He told me to go ahead.

Problem is, I don't know where to begin. Not because my list of friends is so tedious to poke and prod. Rather, I just can't decide which friend to start with.

My wife, Sara Gobble, seems like an obvious choice, but is obvious good? I mean she is well deserving of such a nod, with her way of making me calm down when I'm angry and baking me blueberry scones when I'm hungry. She is working an 8 hour night shift at a bookstore to feed, clothe, and book me. That is a good friend. Is such a start "forward progress?"

A much less obvious, more progressive pick would be Aaron Bragg himself. Though our relationship is meager, consisting of a few hangouts at shows, he seems like a pretty sweet dude, and if this series thing works out, he certainly needs props (no time like the present). He also plays cool music. But, would it be weird for me to start such a titled series with someone of our friendship level?

Then, there is this fella, Zach Hunter. We have been best friends for like 7 years now. Woah. Certainly, he deserves his space for putting up with me for so long. Also, we have done a lot of really cool things together, like play bro-ball and our mischievous stage. But, how in the world could I turn our 7 years into a series starter-worthy post?

OMG! I got it. This guy. Thanks, cool buddy. Be holy and worship.

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