Friday, December 18, 2009

St. Lunatics

We were gliding through the black alleys
like candy on a conveyor belt
black trash bags thrown over our shoulders
heavy with fun.
When my gaze returned to your face
I mistook you for a policeman
with the awe-inspiring way you
held your head
atop your shoulders.
Forcing a rotten pumpkin amid
the tiny bones and leather wallets
I froze as the cool night air
pushed sirens into my boneless ears.
13 seconds and silence again,
but for your breathing, like smog,
and my tap dancing teeth.
Your finger, knotted, pointed to
a house on the corner with a picture
window, and I saw a delicious blond
bobbing her head to a beat.

Posted in honor of Darrin's new job/home/location (soon!).

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