Friday, January 8, 2010

Between A Rock and A Bald Spot

I've been writing poems "For Sara(h)." This Sara(h) is any of the Sara(h)s (I know MANY) or a combination of two or more or a part of one, two, or many (as is the case below). I think I'm liking the majority of them so far. I just got an idea for another (hint: it has something to do with the title).

For Sara(h): Beating a Dead Uncle

Fast forward the tape

to the part where my uncle

got so loud

telling us the good news

about how the suit he wore

for his wedding fits

his 8 year old son,

towards the end of the reception

at the dance hall, we couldn’t even

hear the best man’s toast.

I’m not a control freak,

but the lumberjack knows the woods

and this family was wrong

to shout, we are fixed!,

smiling like eager actors.

Yes, this is what my new bride

and I said, leaving

in a black Cadillac

a box, a coffin, a chariot,

we were blazing to Cancun

slurring, what a bunch of

dickheads, but thanks for the money!

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