Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friend Of The Week: Sadie Reecer

This is my friend Sadie. I think this picture was taken at Greek's Pizzeria (their chicken pizza shells are almost as cool as Sadie). I don't remember if I was there or not then. If I was, I would have eaten a chicken pizza shell. I remember the first thing(ish) I thought about Sadie, "Woah. She has a Bear Vs. Shark sweatshirt." I remember the most recent thing I thought about Sadie, "Woah. Tomorrow is her birthday." Yes, tomorrow is her birthday. She'll be twenty. Sadie, if you read this, good job. For reading this and for making it to 20 years old. That is two decades. I think 20 is bigger than 21. Sadie and I have this metamorphosing friendship, like first a puppy then a dolphin then an angry animal of some sort. Now, I think we are a dog again, but like a middle aged dog that likes to play board games and eat Italian food. Sadie takes some nice pictures (the majority of my Facebook photos were taken by her). She is also dating my best friend, but that is a long story and no one likes long blog posts.

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