Sunday, January 3, 2010

When Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday came out, I was a chubbying middle schooler. My favorite band was the Distillers, because two kids that I wanted to like me loved them, and I rode my skateboard several hours a day, though I never could complete the simplest trick. I remember seeing the video for "Cute Without The E" sometime during 8th grade; it felt like I got hit my a cool bug. I grew my hair out like , tried to write comparable lyrics (for instruments I couldn't play), and bought tighter clothes.

Though I look back on those pictures of me--ghost-white, "dork" beanie, and size S shirt on a L body--and laugh, I remember that album being the first I liked on my own terms. The dual vocals sounded really cool to me, and yes, I could relate well with the lyrics at the time. I also remember Zach and I bonding over those songs when we first started hanging out.

I listened to it in the album today, after probably a half year without hearing it. I shouted and danced and laughed. Sure, it has been a while since Taking Back Sunday recorded an album I could dig, and I am not the same kid anymore, but Tell All Your Friends is still one of my favorite albums (Top 15, not Top 4: Thursday, AWV, The Promise Ring, and Have Heart). I'm perfectly fine with that.

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