Monday, February 1, 2010


Bots like my blog.

Sara bought me velcro shoes for Valentine's Day. I've been clamoring for these for quite a while. Finally, someone listens to me.

I have a new catch phrase: "Velcro is the sound of victory, and today, I am victorious."

Tonight! Motini's! Cool people! And me! Reading poetry and other words! 9 pm! Morning glory muffin!

Remember, it is important to be excited:

- Where The Wild Things Are (free!) at Pruis February 12th
- NBA All-Star Weekend
- Valentine's Date with Sara
- Soup Bowl in Bloomington on February 21st
- Sara's 21st birthday on February 23rd
- Gala Winners Reading on March 3rd

I am craving Concannon's donuts.

Starting next Monday, I'm playing in an intramural basketball league with some hoop pals. It could get ugly.

We all could get ugly.

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