Friday, March 26, 2010

Charles Jensen

The Collagist did a blog post about Charles Jensen. I didn't know this guy.

Here are some things I found:
Excerpts from The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon: Oh man, I kept hearing myself say this as I was reading these pieces. I especially like the two staggered "Shredded Documents:" the playfulness of the form combined with the seriousness of the language.

From Nanopedia: The Smallest American Reference (printed in the first issue of the Collagist): After the first piece, I was like "ah, moons and lovers. okay." Then the next part had two men going to "fuck up something beautiful" and I've felt like that; the section ends with a heap of a boy, bloodied, and the two men's smiles "like two halves of rotten steak." I was stunned. The third section was touching. I was getting into the repetitious "My mannequin" beginnings in the fourth part, but halfway through Jensen left it and I think I did too for some reason. He stunned me again as he closed the piece. I can't tell you exactly what happened collectively (should I be able to?), but manohman, the brushstrokes paint me something that I want to hang on the wall.

Shopping: Sometimes, simple is goooood.

Bargaining: That "tight as orgasm" repeat (I assume it was intentional) annoyed me. I should probably read this again. I think there is something hidden here that I didn't catch immediately.

Flowers: Dude, that last stanza is so cool, but I hate that flowers had to get me there. I only like flowers when my wife plants them (This might not be true).

Overall, this guy is a serious writer. I appreciate his variation in form and his balance of image/touching moments. I'll definitely be checking more out.


Matt Bell said...

Glad you checked out Charles! THE STRANGE CASE OF MARIBEL DIXON is one of my absolute favorite things I've read in the last three years, and its only 19 pages long. It's included in THE FIRST RISK, so you should just pick up that, probably.

Tyler G said...

I'll put it on the to-buy list, which keeps getting longer in longer. I'm going to need to get a real job soon just to pay for my books. Ha.

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