Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friend of the Week: Clark Moser

This picture of Clark is like 4 years old. I think I remember this night, a little. On another night, we danced to "Bye Bye Bye" by N'Sync at our local festival. His mom is my optometrist. His sister thought I was a drug addict until a year or so ago. But this isn't about them, this is about Clark. He is smart, like Rose Hulman, like engineering, like high cross country IQ. When he is resting his brain, he visits me. I appreciate that. He has this new female friend. I haven't met her. She runs too. Double date? Cool, but this isn't about her. Clark, yes, Clark is fun to play tennis with, though he usually beats me. He used to say I listened to "meathead" music. That makes me laugh. I'm listening to Patti Smith's album Horses right now. I wonder if Clark would like it? I have secret hopes Clark and I go to the same grad school and I write poems and he fixes eyes or legs or something and we play tennis and disc golf and basketball and watch the NBA and go more other hypothetical double dates. That would be nice.


Portland's girl. said...

Sorry, I am so laughing, Bye Bye Bye? OMGosh. So love, the 'When he is resting his brain, he visits me.' Smart people, are a bit too much...but, I am completely captivated by people on a whole different level...Because, I am amazed I even noticed, they were....It fascinates me to watch how people arrive at conclusions...Or, don't arrive. Whichever. What in the world, is 'Meathead' music? That is funny, I've not ever hear of such a term. Ha ha ha ha. Here's to dreams!

Tyler G said...

In middle school/early high school, I used to listened to bands like Senses Fail, Silverstein, and other like bands. I think he was referring to their lack of originality and intelligence (?).

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