Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crossroads of America Records

XRA: Brain child of Husband&Wife (seems appropriate)

Legit Indie Label, DIY (no, not that DIY), good music by good people for good people

I saw several of these bands or members of these bands play at a little pool hall called the Cove. My buds and I in high school would go there with our weekly allowance and buy home-recording demos and stickers and cheeseburgers at DQ every weekend.

Husband&Wife is consistent, always pumping out good tunes, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, always soothing.

Rodeo Ruby Love is one of those Away With Vega new bands. They are poppy, and they are okay with that. Last weekend, we were watching them play and I got excited and I almost pushed Sara into their equipment. Whoops.

Frank Schweikhardt is a cool dude (another Away With Vega dude, too). Life But No More is beautiful to the eyes and ears. Put it on and watch and listen and be all glazed. Frank played a cover of Glamourous by Fergie in my living room once.

Speaking of Away With Vega, XRA put out AWV's last album, A Year At Home. This album just makes me sooooo sad.

Did you not subscribe to the Laminar Excursion Monthly? Man, that was dumb. We did! You can borrow some of them, if you buy me some ice cream.

Alexander The Great is an excellent band. Listen to "Tree of Knowledge" and tell me I'm wrong. You can't (tell me I'm wrong). Face Change is one of those CDs that I've never bought, and I have no clue why not.

Chemic is one of those bands I have to be in the situation for, like a spring drive with the windows down to my parents' house or painting a small picture. It is not bike-riding music. It might be love-making music. I don't know.

Canterbury Effect released their final album, the stellar We Are All Dogs, on my 19th birthday. They are a dead band. The Laminar Excursion Monthly includes their new band Black Cat's EP. See how dumb that was not to get the LEM.

Wanna dance? Buy the Either/Or's Greatest Hits. Price per song, it is the best deal everrrrrr!

XRA also puts out some killer samplers.

We didn't go to the XRA Fest last year. Man, that was dumb. It was like 5 bucks for two days of all these sweet sweet bands. Who is the dummy now?

I think it would be smart to buy all of these albums.

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