Friday, April 2, 2010

Friend of the Week: Elysia Smith

Meet Elysia Smith. She is one of my newer close friends, but don't let that fool you, folks. In this picture, she is reading at Motini's. Funny thing: there was a time last semester, she couldn't even get into Motini's, even with a coffee (read: not 18). I was talking to another friend about Elysia last night, and the general consensus was 1) Elysia is cool and 2) we like her because she is comfortable with herself. One time, I pressured her into shooting basketball with me; soon, she'll be on the disc golf course. Ha. Man, this girl reads, like books (good ones too!) and writes (good stuff too!). We actually met through Writer's Community (she was always there! that is good too!). Now, she is a fellow officer for it, and we have a fiction class together, and we have a handful of like friends. Oh man, she can't get away from me. Better yet, I don't think she even tries! She responds and responds. I like that. I like Elysia. I like the future.

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