Monday, April 26, 2010

Friend of the Week: Frank Schweikhardt

This is what Frank (on the left) looked like when I met him, shredding for Away With Vega. When I was like 16, I bought a Stratocaster guitar because Frank had a Stratocaster. He still rules on the guitar; I still can't play. One time, I read this post another of Frank's friends wrote about him. It still sticks in my mind as really cool. Frank called me this morning and said "Hey, I'm in Muncie. Let's hang!" I only had like 45 minutes, but it was a cool short time. We talked about babes (!) and Bloomington and the funny bands he drives around the nation. See, Frank is here sometimes then he is not here. When he is gone, it means he is driving goofy bands like HelloGoodbye and Flobots on tour. He'll be back for three weeks in June, and i hope to hang with Frank a bunch. I owe him dinner. Did I mention that Frank has a degree in Philosophy/Religion?

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