Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Every former Away With Vega member's new band enlivens a piece of me that helps calm the other parts that are still clamoring for a reunion. Way back when, Burke was slicing sweet guitar riffs for AWV; now, he is driving the Owlsburg music machine with his reverb-driven guitar parts and his soft, spiritual vocals. Joined by Derek Miller (Ball State!) and Brad Atkins, Owlsburg is so 90's. I've heard Starflyer 59 references and The Juliana Theory comparisons. In terms of my musical tastes, I hear older Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World (Static Prevails-esque). When I first bought an Owlsburg/Frank Schweikhardt split, Frank said, "Man, they are like Filter, remember that 90's alternative band?" I get all that. Owlsburg is cool to me because I'm at once haunted and moved by the sweet bass lines, tight drums, and hush-hush vocals.

I'll say this now: Hail Mary might be one of my top 25 favorite songs ever.

Owlsburg is playing Friday at Village Green Records' National Record Store Day show (more on this later).

Owlsburg on Myspace (Check out the Bio on there. Oh man! Good good.)

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