Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friend of the Week: Ashley Ford

I think this picture is a good representation of where our friendship started.

At first, Ashley intimidated me for several reasons, including this facial expression!

Butttt..........nooooo. I was mistaken.

When around a large group of people, Ashley is one of those people that I want to be where I am.

A party. A reading. A bar.

She calls me Monster Man. I call her Goose.

Her blog shows a nice side to her personality.

She gave me an awesome compliment once saying that she loves the way I read poems (mine and others).

I don't think she realized how much that got me stoked.

Speaking of stoked: I'm stoked stoked stoked stoked stoked to be Ashley's friend.

We are supposed to play tennis together.

I think this picture, in a different way, is a good representation of where our friendship is now.

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