Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This morning, I found out both Handbook For William and Canterbury Effect are playing a reunion show in Bloomington on June 5th, along with those musicians' new bands: Husband&Wife, Either/Or, and Black Cat.

Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my.

I have a story:
In February of 2004, Handbook for William, Canterbury Effect, and Husband&Wife, along with Away With Vega, played in Elwood at the Cove. This was the first time that I saw those first three bands. I remember not being sure what was going on. (I didn't "get it" back then.) However, I think that might been the night my stokedness about Indiana music was born.

This show is such a big deal for me for seven reasons:
1) Handbook For William's CD Fair And Balanced is such a good album, and I've never seen them live since I bought it.
2) Canterbury Effect is one of the quintessential Indiana bands. I think I've only seen them play twice (Feb. 04 show and Burke's last show with AWV). Their last album, We Are All Dogs, is killer and was released on my 19th birthday by XRA Records. (no connection)
3) Husband&Wife is one of the most reliable bands (both live and recording) that I've ever heard.
4) Either/Or makes Sara dance.
5) Black Cat were a part of the Laminar Excursion Monthly subscription a few months back. I hear their keyboardist used to play with Mellencamp or something crazy.
6) They are all playing together!
7) A sweet excuse to visit pals in Bloomington (like I need one!)

Seriously, I'm stoked.

Request: Please, please, please go to this show. It would mean a lot to have you there.


Sarah Dalton said...

I love it when you're stoked.

I would like to go to the shows if I can.

Tyler G said...

Haha. I'm stoked a lot.

You definitely should. We'll see what we can make happen.

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