Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Goals/Plans

Disc Golf
-Play 5 other disc golf courses
-Shoot an even round before the end of the summer
-Play 3 times a week

-Make it to the third round of the Delaware County Tennis Tourney
-Play 3 times a week

-Get to the level of playing guitar where I'm not ashamed to say I own a guitar
-Lift weights 3 days a week
- Learn more about bikes (i.e. tune-ups, pamplet, basic maintenance)

Writing Stuff
-Write/Revise for an hour everyday
-Read for an hour everyday
-Blog here 3 times a week
-Blog Writers Community once a week


- Two week family trip to Utah/Denver
- Brown County Trip with Sara
- Mississinewa Trip with Zach and Sadie and Sara

- Spanish 102 Second Summer Session
- Learn about common cultures and religions
- Learn how to use a straight razor to shave
- Start a worm compost bin

- Writing Tutoring 1st summer session: 10-11 and 1-2 2nd summer session: 10-2 M-F
- Tours 1st summer session: 11-1 M-F

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