Monday, June 7, 2010

Best of the Web

My pals and I at The Collagist blog are blogging this week about our contributors who have also had pieces selected for this year's Best of the Web Anthology. One of our interview questions for the contributors asks about their own personal best of the web. I am jealous of this opportunity to say this.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that I read online recently:
Alley Queen by Alissa Nutting is a killer persona piece.
These pieces by Charles Jensen are doing something cool.
An Orphanage by Jared Dyer has inspired a slew of poems with a similar form and a search for my own voice.
Jimmy Chen doing a cool list here.
Ryan Ridge bringing out the Ox poems.
Oh yeah, Ryan Ridge is showing us around the house.
Denise Duhamel touches us all sometimes.
Line after line of coolness by Jac Jemc at Robot Melon.
Peter Davis talking to my parents here.
This is where I met David Peak.

Life is good when there are words on The Internet.

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