Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Issue of The Collagist


Ma Jeunesse by Hannah Pass: What a delightfully odd opening paragraph! What a touching ending!

Clearcutting by A Wolfe: I am fascinated by the shift back to the mother for the final paragraph, the complexity of that simple paragraphs, the metaphors and allusions it holds is just fantastic. Also, the term pedestrianism from the beginning is cool.

Notes on Discovery: Dismantling a Clock by Perry Janes: This poem has really grown on me after a few reads. The hands metaphor is tighter than I gave it first credit for. This poem is also beautiful on the page, eyes going to "so many times: my hands" to "sting." to "for them. God help me." Woah.

Temporary River by Sarah Rose Nordgen
: This poem would probably be in my top five favorite poems The Collagist has published. The way the images and figurative images pile up before the introspective and reflective ending (I’ve never known
why I’m living this life and not another.) is just awesome.

Spectators by Jon Pineda: Though it doesn't tackle anything risky or use over-the-top language, something about this poem feels really risky and IT TOTALLY WORKS. The moment is gorgeous.

Fragmentation: How to Stitch a Story by B.J. Hollars: When I finished the first section, I thought, "What's going to make this story not just another dead camper/ghost story?" The structure helped, the breaking in narrative, the personal elements. But for me the thing that set this story for me about were the hidden comments about storytelling, about nonfiction, how things are stitched together, woven, changed. This story seems like a great example marking the ways in which stories can be situated to change the effect and meaning.

A review of in this alone impulse by Shya Scanlon: Add another book to the list!

Another superb issue!

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