Friday, August 27, 2010


Ball in black space, pitcher head like crap, then boom outfielder on wall, crowd explodes like at a Charlie Slick show. I saw this baseball video in the weight room. Me and buff dude #1 and buff dude #2 beside me had faces like the pitcher around 1:21 of this video. O O O. That is a picture of our faces. We may or may not have high-fived. The kid beside me in this computer lab is staring at his crotch and bobbing his head, no headphones, no music, looks sad, like poor pitiful guy. I knew this kid 4 years ago, but no longer. I doubt he even likes WOW anymore, or dorms. He had long hair then. Hey, put your hand over your mouth, kid, like the outfielder. Hey, check out this video, it'll make you happier than now than now than now. I don't even like baseball. None of us do, but it is part of life. I don't even like life. None of us do, but it is part of space.

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