Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prowling The Internet Like A Mountain Lion

I gave myself until 11 pm Kansas time then it's bedtime:

-I just sent Elimae a piece called "On Sex." It's a part of a series of little things I'm writing. Others include "On Clouds," "On Motion Sickness," and "On Marriage." If Elimae rejects it, I'll probably post it here.

-Looking through this online journal, We Are Champions Issue 3: Sasha Fletcher talking about birds, Gregory Sherl wrote a poem about Oregon Trail and Mel Gibson, Donora Hillard with three cool sections (though the "eating dust and vaginal yeast" part seemed out of place).

-Mike Young has been posting some pretty sweet little pieces on his blog. I love the bend of each piece, the layers piling and twisting together. Very enjoyable, quotable, thinkable.

-I started The Art of Recklessness by Dean Young today. Already 65 pages in. Really awesome so far. This guy smacks together words in a way that truly hits me.

-Just found out my buddies The Bonesetters officially signed with Mossback Records, home of the super cool Cowboy Angels.

-I'm definitely ready to be home. This trip has been cool, but I miss some people.

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