Sunday, August 1, 2010


Unlimited Texting

Every moment with Jill is LOL
funny. She is always falling. OMG
I say and I get a bandaid BRB.
When I return, she is ROTFL
and I get mad and bout say TTYL
but she is my BFF

I’m her BFF
too. I know that. People say you are dykes! LOL!
and I say to those bitches TTYL
and OMG.
Jill doesn’t care, she is too busy making me ROTFL
and making me pee my panties, so I have to BRB.

Speaking of BRB
I had a BFF
in middle school who was ROTFL
funny not just that ditzy LOL
like she would say OMG
shit, but one day she said TTYL

But she never called or text, so it wasn’t TTYL
or even BRB
it was like OMG
I just lost my freakin’ BFF
and all the fat girls went and LOL-ed
at me and Nancy, this evil girl wrote ROTFL

you are a loser on my Myspace. ROTFL!
I cried and cried, but my mom said TTYL
and my brother went all LOL
on my ass so I told the school BRB
and played hooky for a week, grieving my BFF
It was totally OMG!

When I went back, the other kids were all OMG
we didn’t mean to ROTFL
about you and your BFF
but I didn’t listen. No TTYL
on our friendships. I didn’t LOL.

But OMG, I met Jill so it is all LOL
now because we are always ROTFL and she always says BRB
and comes back because she is my BFF and means it when she says TTYL.

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