Sunday, August 8, 2010


1. Today, at a tiny book shop called MacDonald's in Estes Park Colorado (don't mind the crappy website), I bought The Dream Songs by John Berryman. Nice little place with a small but cool poetry section. Really stoked to read this collection (Merwin wrote the intro.). Denver is like Tuesday or something, so mega-stoked for The Tattered Cover Bookstores.

2. Hiked around The Rocky Mountain National Park today and played some disc golf in Estes Park. The dg course was okay, lots of repetitive holes, at the YMCA, which is killer (skatepark, dg course, cool hoops, Mormon family reunions). Here are some pictures:

(We decided to walk home from disc golf. Look what we saw!)

(Sara's Mom didn't hike this waterfall trail with us, but man, she would've flipped if she had, with us daggling over the edge like we ain't got no momma.)

(I was feelin' sexy today.)

3. Christopher Higgs wrote a really interesting post about book reviews, which I've become quite enamored with lately, over at HTMLGIANT. Check out the comments too. Cool brain stuff here.

4. I miss scheduling stuff with my friends, like tennis with Zach or visits with Jeremy. I'm also missing not throwing everything away (water bottles, paper plates, uneaten fresh fruit). I don't want to rant about that. I also miss my big comfy bed.

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