Saturday, September 4, 2010

Five Bucks Well Spent

Dude at the course, big rainboots, goatee, JNCO jean shorts, fishes lost discs out of the punishing creek, calls the names he says, not sure, totally should, ethics man ethics. but no one gets a call, but wait, two months ago, I get a call, he found my blue Champion Destroyer, loved that disc, wrote a poem about it even, dude doesn't even want a recovery fee, doesn't understand "the way things work," recovery fees, disc plastic, Star>Champion>Pro>DX, sells all the "unmarked" found discs for five bucks, from shitty dx Leopards to sweet sweet Star Destroyers, fast forward, today, he is out there, a tourney, no no I don't play tourneys, but I am there with Sara, quick round, what does this dude have, he says, this looks cool, oh yes man it does, STAR DESTROYER WHITE BEAUTY, but wait, it has a name and number on it, seller man says, I called and dude said keep it won't come get it from Indy, I believe him, ethics man ethics?, yes yes yes yes, back 9 first, birdie birdie, first time ever, okay thanks man for crawling in that nasty river.

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