Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Day 3 — Your parents: my parents


Sometimes, I look at you and the things you do and feel and believe and know and I have no clue how we are related. I’m not saying that to be mean. You are nice, great people, and I think I’m okay and such, but really, put those things in one of those Venn diagrams mom teaches and man that middle is pretty empty.

But then I look at your face, both of your faces, and I see my face. It’s not like your faces are mushed together, OH MAN WOULD I LOOK SILLY, but you made me and we all have at least a basic understanding of genetics. And that’s a nice feeling in itself. I think we three have the Feeling so add that to the middle section on our Venn diagram, like we aren’t exactly sure what this big dumb world is all about but we are doing our thing anyway. I also see myself in Dad’s talkativeness and in Mom’s need for comfort/organization. I’m glad for both of those things.

Sometimes, just being with you makes this big projector go off in my head, with all the sweet and fun and awesome and cool things we’ve done together. Like camping. Man, that was fun all those years, like cooking over the fire or grabbing BK if we were too lazy or playing euchre or sitting by the fire. Yeah, those years, because of you taking me, opened me up to a variety of cool learning experiences, including but not limited to girls, driving a golf cart, fishing, spending weekends in a different town, girls, and interacting with “old people.” Thanks for that.

If someone asked me, what’s the thing you love most about your parents, I would say the fact that you guys let me be me, (I KNOW I KNOW EVERYONE SAYS THAT BUT ITS SOOOOO TRUE) whether it was the next Rambo, an aspiring WWF superstar, the next Scottie Pippen, or a poet. You didn’t go that’s silly or stop that, you said GO FOR IT. I like to think I have a GO FOR IT GET STOKED attitude and I like to think it’s because of you two.

I’m gonna come out and say it now: I love you. Yeah, you are nice people and are incredibly generous and giving to me and take me places and listen to me and encourage me. But you love me and that’s all I ever want. We all know that.

Love you too,

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