Thursday, January 27, 2011


Day 6 — A stranger
Sup Stranger,

I hope there’s no danger between us. Haha. That’s a joke, my kind, I hope you like it. I’m not sure why you’re reading this letter, but thanks. I hope you can read, because if not, it might seem like I’m making fun of you. I’m not.
It’s odd walking through life not knowing some people and then you know some more, like you meet them shooting hoops (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?) or they read a letter you write them, grabbing it, thinking WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WROTE THIS FOR ME?! I did.

Good Luck has this song called “Contact,” and I sing it a lot when I’m lonely or in large crowds and here are some lyrics from the middle:

I start to wonder exactly how many different people I've seen throughout my whole life
Can't even fathom a guess
they'll just continue walking or driving along their separate ways before I can even forget

I wonder out of all those millions

How many have I met?
How many have I spoken with?
How many have I simply brushed in passing?
How many have I slept in the same building as?
How many of them are left-handed just like me?
How many have shared my exact date of birth?
How many have I genuinely care about?
How many have I taken the time to get to know real well?
How many have I loved?
How many will I ever love?

Are you as stoked about these lyrics as I am? I hope so. I think that’ll increase the odds of us being pals. People all around the world are bonding over music, so it’s not original or anything, but likely, neither are we. Lots of friendships blossom over music, or words at least, like this letter.

Bye Stranger,

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