Saturday, February 12, 2011



I've gotten some sweet books in the mail that I'm real stoked about.

Sara asked me to be her Valentine. I said yes. She bought me three books. Easy enough.

One was Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov. Yeah, the one with the cool ass cover. Another was Cure All by Kim Parko. Both are highly praised by people that I trust telling me about books. Caketrain has this sweet deal where you can get any two single author books for $12 bucks with free shipping. GET IT.

She also got me How And Why: A Do-It Yourself Guide from Microcosm Publishing. I've dug MP for a long time and this book is no exception, full of DIY guides to bikes and gardening and eduction and etc. I signed a lease with Sara and bro Tyler for next year, so the garage and the backyard are going see a lot of these things firsthand.

Also, I got my contributor copy of the Fall issue of The North Central Review in the mail today. My poem "Words I Can't Get Out Of My Head" is in there. I'm honored.


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