Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Day 12 — The person that caused you a lot of pain

Dear Joe,

I was going to write this letter to Zach, certainly the person whose caused me the most pain, the one that I defended to you, which seems to have caused the end of my friendship with you, causing you to refuse to talk to me and until recently even to acknowledge my existence.

Or so I hear. In the course of two weeks, we went from hanging out several times a week to an argument to things being “cool” to you refusing to return my calls and messages, leaving me to learn the cause of this problem from mutual friends.

I’m still as confused as ever, because now you’re talking to me again, the whole “What’s up dude?” act. Again, I have to make my assumptions about the cause and what this all means. I’VE NEVER LIKED ASSUMPTIONS.

I don’t know why I decided to write this letter to you. I guess I’m getting tired of letter writing, and since I’m tired of whatever you call your weird interactions with me, it seems appropriate.

Also, this letter is short, like my temper, like your sympathy supply, like our friendship.


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