Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sometimes, it feels like Google Reader is the only thing that makes me happy.

Here are some things on GR that've made me happy lately:

Kent Johnson wrote a letter to Pete Davis about his book Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! and the acceptance of some of those poems to The Best American Poetry Anthology. Followed was a series of letters that say some interesting things about the state of the poetry industry, the mindset of two super cool poets with intense differences in poetic values, and choices. I was moved by Johnson's adamant style in addressing these issues, impressed by Pete's smart and controlled response, and pleased to see a journal publish these letters.

Ani Smith over at We Who Are About To Die posted a roundup of some cool videos, mostly from AWP. I love Mike Young's reading style, or perhaps the way the setting and the cold and his personality and the nature of his piece collide into this beautiful display of spoken words. Also, I'm super jealous I couldn't make that GIANT Divination in DC reading. NEXT YEAR CHICAGO.

I'm not gonna say this article was super great or anything, but it was nice to see some writing about The Lonely Island. I'm not gonna lie: the other day I started making a favorite songs list and it was like 125 some songs long and "I'm On A Boat" is on it. I don't always laugh at it, and that feels right.

I listened to this podcast from NPR about how Man's first best friend might have been a red fox. I think that's interesting and cute and makes sense and fun and symbolic. I've been writing about it a little.

I was having a bad day awhile back and Daniel Bailey posted this thing on his blog and I died of happiness.

This flyer for this reading didn't make me happy because I can't make it. SUCKAGE



Jeremy Bauer putty teeth said...

"I'm On a Blog"

I've been digging GR lately. I guess my brain wasn't ready for such easy perusing and organization before.

JOMT said...

Good dude. What are your favorite things that you are following that I might not be?

Nice profile pic.

I'll try to follow you on GR. I always have trouble finding people.


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