Friday, March 11, 2011

Letters To A Young Poet + The Bonesetters + Bloomington

The main reason I am so drawn to poetry is the unique approach it takes to human communication and dealing with human interaction and feelings. WORDS ARE REAL. Letters are probably a more "obvious" means of communication, and when done with enthusiasm and sincerity, letters mesh emotions and communication in an overpowering way. This is exactly what drew me to reread Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke for yesterday's book. When someone receives a letter from an admirer of one's work and responds, it's a great gesture to be a part of. But when those two people exchange ten letters over the course of a few years, when in the early 20th century such an act was anything but easy, it's a major show in respect and commitment. Rilke's letters are gorgeous in their sincerity ("I'M TRYING FOR YOU MAN"), their humbleness ("I'M NOT SUPER BUT HERE ARE SOME THOUGHTS THANKS FOR ASKING"), and their insight ("I OBVIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF A BUNCH"). I'm interested in these forms of communication, maybe e-mail/texts/Facebook messages instead of traditional letters, because of the lasting impact and growth of self and others capable from this presentation words. While the situation is certainly different, I see no reason why modern means of interaction cannot be used as a legitimate (and QUICKER/MORE EFFICIENT) means of sharing one human life with another if both people make a similar commitment to the sharing, the connection, the effort of dealing with life together.


Last night, I was lucky enough to be able to see my pals in The Bonesetters play at Be Here Now. They have a new drummer, are finishing up their first full-length album, and really impressed me last night. I've seen them so many times, but each time, I'm always drawn to boogie down, sing along (WHEN I CAN; OH CANT WAIT FOR THAT ALBUM), and proud to know these dudes. They played two new songs, one of which is a real gritty rock n' roll jam. I DIG THAT. Bassist Ryan Rader is a good pal of mine and one of the reasons I got into poetry/writing in the first place. I also go to hang with my friend Joe. It was a nice way to spend a Thursday night.


Pal Tyler and I are heading to Bloomington in a little while to visit some of my friends and show him the town. Super stoked to see Darrin among others. Also, I'm glad to be able to show Tyler one of my favorite places on EARTH. Places for sure on the list: TD's Records, Landlocked Music, The Caveat Bookstore, Boxcar Books, and The Laughing Planet. I'll be back Saturday night. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOMINGTON

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