Sunday, April 24, 2011


National Poetry Month also happens to be my last month of college. WOAH COINCIDENCE. You're thinking, what a way to go out. I'm like, YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Yesterday, I was hanging in my hometown, going to a crappy sports bar, playing cornhole with my dad and his friends, it was strange, but okayfun. Point is: whoops, no poem. I've been thinking about what has impacted me the most in the past four years. Being involved with The Collagist has been a huge part of my growth as a writer and a human. Here's two of my favorite poems from the past issues of The Collagist.

Stargazing by Keith Montesano: The language and the scene are both gorgeous, but further, this poem says some great things about interruption, both in that awesome scene and language.

Upon Seeing Photos of My Ex-Lover's Cooking-Related Injury by Jaime Warburton: This poem reminds me about honesty in reaction and the difficulty of not caring, not being interested, the difficulty of completely letting go.

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