Sunday, April 3, 2011

National Poetry Month

I started National Poetry Month off by reading at and attending the Slash Pine Fest in Alabama this weekend (more on this soon).

I'm organizing a reading at the end of the month for here in Muncie for NPM.

In between, I'm gonna post a quick post each day including a poem I dig lotz.

Since, I just thought this up a few minutes ago, I'll catch up with three:

April 1st: Day by Jeremy Bauer Jeremy was on the trip with me and read this poem at the reading. I'm happy to see this poem with such a good home, so everyone can see the wicked beauty in here.

April 2nd: Poem (Lana Turner Has Collapsed by Frank O'Hara Discussing my less-than-stellar literary criticism paper for my American Literature class with my great professor Dr. Mix, I was reminded of this poem by O'Hara, a truly enjoyable little thing. AND IT USES CAPS.

April 3rd: Information Kiosk by Jason BredleI finished Smiles of the Unstoppable by Jason Bredle today, so this poem seems appropriate. The energy woven into the listing and repeating is astounding. This is definitely a book I'm gonna do some thinking and writing about in the next week or two.

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