Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Trouble Is Ballooning

My hand hurts, but it's still National Poetry Month. Started Your Trouble Is Ballooning by Amber Nelson today on the bus. People look funny at little books like THAT'S NOT THE DA VINCI CODE. I know, thanks. I met Amber in Alabama. She was nice. Publishing Genius just released this book (split with A. Minetta Gould). Publishing Genius makes me swoon litlove. Here is a poem from the book, first appearing in H_NGM_N 7. NICE.


I travel to Caligari

the mistakes, who teased

our bony cherries

in this playground?

To ease

we only reinvent absorption.

I am Married and Insubstantial

as a stain

to this field,

a skirmish and flyswatter

made buxom.

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